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If you would like to help support the pet food advocacy work of and be provided assistance in selecting a quality pet food, you can do so by purchasing petsumer report, or the list. This woman is on a mission!

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All of these pet foods use human grade food ingredients, all of these pet foods properly test their products for safety and nutrients, many of them use organic ingredients and meats sourced from humanely raised animals.

Truth about pet food susan. You might not know susan, but the fda (federal department of agriculture) and aafco (the association of american feed control officers) and other dog food regulatory movers and shakers know who she is. Just like so many pet owners, susan learned the 'truth' about pet foods the hard way. She dove into researching pet food, and found an industry doing its best to keep its practices opaque to pet owners.

For my cats (and dogs), i provide a combination of raw and home prepared cooked. Today pet owners from all over the world visit truthaboutpetfood learning about pet food regulations, ingredients, and recall alerts. She is a woman tirelessly fighting for fair labeling practices, discontinued use of unsafe raw materials, transparent ingredient sourcing, safer manufacturing & healthier processing techniques.

The pet foods were selected from detailed information and verification to quality of ingredients that was provided by each company considered. Her dog died from cancer; Petersburg, florida area 500+ connections

Each year susan thixton, also known as “the caped crusader for safe pet food”, publishes “the list” in her petsumer report through truth about pet. This is the second scientific paper that questions aafco's decision to have no maximum level of copper in pet food. Truth about pet food april 14 at 9:06 am · celebrity chef bobby flay has tossed his chef hat into the pet feed ring, releasing a cat feed named after his cat;

All ingredients in your pet foods/treats will be listed on the pledge. On behalf of all pet food consumers, association for truth in pet food (pet food consumer stakeholder association) is requesting all pet food/treat manufacturers to provide their pledge of quality and origin. High starch level is required to maintain the kibble shape.

The truth about pet food. You won’t want to miss susan’s inspiring and cautionary message in this episode. February 9 at 1:26 pm ·.

Susan’s story began 17 years ago with the untimely death of her young dog. I run the website, and run a consumer stakeholder organization association for truth in pet food, providing food consumers with a voice at pet food regulatory meetings, and with fda, when they choose to listen to us. Today pet owners from all over the world visit.

The end result is a product that’s cheap and easy for them to make, while. The veterinarian gave susan the worst news; The ‘list’ is a list of pet foods compiled by an experienced (since 2006) pet food consumer advocate (susan thixton), pet foods she trusts to give to her own pets.

Susan thixton pres at truth about pet food tampa/st. For 10 years, susan has compiled the ultimate dog food list. Links for this episode susan’s website:

It’s strictly their ballgame and sometimes they listen to us and sometimes they don’t. The list is not an endorsement of any pet food. Your pets need her to stay safe in the jungle that is commercial pet food.

The truth about what’s in pet food & why it matters with susan thixton from the truth about pet food. From that day forward, susan studied the pet food industry. Susan’s vet told her the cancer was caused from chemical preservatives in pet food.

Made by nacho cat foods. Your association for pet food safety. “that day changed my life,” she said.

Just like so many pet owners, susan learned the 'truth' about pet foods the hard way. Karen becker to make “home cooked style” whole food recipes for dogs & cats, has been named to the 2021 list of trusted pet foods by truth about pet food. The 2021 list of pet foods i trust to give my own pets by susan thixton, pet food consumer advocate.

Truth about pet food free report on the differences between human grade and feed grade pet food ingredients Her four legged best friend, sam, died from bone cancer. Support can also be provided through our patron pets program.

Big cat rescue would like to introduce you to a new friend…susan thixton and Susan thixton and this website are solely supported by pet food consumers. Dry pet food can be compared to fast food;

Pet food labels and/or television commercials lead petsumers to believe the pet food is made from fresh meat and fresh vegetables. Free report on the differences between human grade and feed grade pet food ingredients [time sensitive] join the signers of a letter to the fda to keep aflatoxin out of your pet’s food. Through our consumer association, susan has advisory position to aafco‘s pet food committee and ingredient definitions committee.

It is a 'list' of pet foods that i (susan thixton) trust to give to my own pets. My least favorite style of pet food for cats or dogs is dry. Susan thixton will be our guest on pet radio april 11th.

Some include pictures of prime cuts of steak on the label or include a specialty meat in the product name. And they denied me year after year. Her four legged best friend, sam, died from bone cancer.

Also, most dry pet foods are high in sugar (starch). Marketed toward humans, but made for consumers who can’t speak (our dogs and cats), pet food companies have learned how to navigate through verbiage and loopholes. Each pledge provides company name, address and website.

We encourage all pet food consumers to become members to support our efforts. Toxin concerns are addressed by our sister company, vital pet health: And when a president, former president, finally went off the board of directors, he told me.

Today we are talking with susan thixton, a pet food consumer advocate from truth about pet food. Thirty years ago, a vet told susan thixton that dog food had given her dog bone cancer, and the dog had two weeks to live. A powerful daily 100% natural.

Truth about pet food started first and i was going to afco meetings and wanted to ask them for an advisory position to where, you know, i could give them consumer opinion more than just being in the audience. Just like so many pet parents, susan learned the 'truth' about pet food the hard way. And then things got worse.

From that day forward, susan studied the pet food industry. Earlier this year, a documentary called pet fooled made its debut with an aim to expose the secrets and lack of transparency in the pet food industry.

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